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Autore: Adriana Pertile
Categoria: FICTION / Fantascienza / Generale
Lingua: Inglese
Isbn: 9788828371908
Pubblicazione: 10/08/2018

In a world almost equal to Earth exists a peninsula (Cordillera) between Italy and the Balkans. The novel tells of a phenomenon that has wiped out almost all of humankind. There were no property damages, but oil, radioactivity and explosives work no more. Groups of Scientists congregate in selected renewable energy plants and organize a worldwide network of research Centers, to support humanity in its resurgence. In one of the Centers, housed in an ancient castle and located in a lakeside village of Cordillera, a group of botanists is about to achieve direct energy extraction from Flora, when, unexpectedly, radioactivity returns to action. It triggers a competition between botanists and physicists, both eager to become the world’s energy producers. A spiral of intrigue starts, among several Centers: it will last twenty years and, in the lake Center, it will intertwine with contrasts on billiard games. There, the Botany Division's Master, humiliated by his peer of Physics, will isolate himself and add to his duties a lonely research that will yield extraordinary discoveries. He will succeed to get Flora itself as an ally. Along his new path, he will relive crucial moments of his life and discover the unimaginable architects of the catastrophe that has virtually wiped out humanity.
This first (of five) booklet actually corresponds to the Prologue of the integral edition. It tells the adventures of a people embodying the historical and prehistoric roots of the main tale.

Pagine 148
Formato BN Carta Bianca 127x203 - Copertina opaca
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