Green Sunset - #2

Green Sunset - #2

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Autore: Adriana Pertile
Categoria: FICTION / Fantascienza / Generale
Lingua: Inglese
Isbn: 9788835322481
Pubblicazione: 24/10/2019

The first booklet of this novel tells of an ancient fleeing tribe, as well as the background of its flight, and its tragic conclusion. We left Paxma, the tribe's Shaman, a man endowed with a culture well ahead of their current time, while sitting by the bedside of Quilen, the tribe's dying chief and his longtime friend. Paxma does his best to ease Quilen's pain by the use of powerful drugs, whose action he can adjust depending on need. Thus, during the periods of pain remission, Paxma tells his friend a story he learnt from a time traveling entity, a story that unwinds in a future roughly similar to the time we are living in today. Quilen will learn that two catastrophes that happened in very distant ages and places, unexpectedly had some common, obscure beholders.
Paxma’s story is the subject of the present booklet (the second one) and its sequels; it sweeps over several continents, and its actors are the post-Catastrophe members of a Scientists' Center located in Castle Burg, a lakeside town of the fictitious Cordillera country, which is placed on the same latitude as most Northern Italian villages lying on the Swiss border. In such Center, strife for the primacy in the world’s power supply takes place between the Botany’s and the Physics’ Masters, and is made incandescent by some petty bickers arisen over the billiards table. The Botanist’s pugnacity exceeds all boundaries and accidentally will unveil the authors of a Catastrophe that nearly wiped out the human race.

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