Races that shook the world

Races that shook the world

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Autore: Rodney Walkerley
Editore: Edizioni Savine
Categoria: SPORT E SVAGO / Sport Motoristici
Lingua: Inglese
Isbn: 9788899914318
Pubblicazione: 20/09/2017

This exciting narrative recounts dramatically nine races which are memorable in motor history by reason of their technical importance, or the essential drama of the race described, or their impact on automobile development and design.
The stories selected range from the earliest motor race of all between Paris and Rouen, shortly before the turn of the century (1894), and the sinister Paris-Madrid race of 1903 to the disastrous contest at Le Mans and other events of contemporary times.
(1959 - Rodney Walkerley)

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