The secret fire of Meditation

The secret fire of Meditation

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Autore: Anfolsi Reiyo Ekai
Editore: Fontana Editore
Categoria: CORPO, MENTE E SPIRITO / Meditazione
Isbn: 9788898750726
Pubblicazione: 06/09/2019

There is a spirit winging over the new times of this tormented West, the spirit that always comes into play when dealing with the New Age, or when the devotees of different religions meet and are able to stop inventing proclamations for themselves, preferring to remain silent, absorbed in that Truth that underlies all dogma.
Would you like to become better at sales, become a great mystic, enjoy great success, or learn to speak with the angels? First learn to meditate. Do you want to become a healer, of yourself and others? First learn to meditate. Do you want to become an inspiring speaker, but also be happy and free of stress? First learn to meditate. Do you want to develop your powers of seduction and excel at cutting deals? First learn to meditate. Meditation always welcomes us, heals us, and shows us the way: this is our TRUE INNER GURU. And it isn’t just to become better than we are, but to be, right now, WHO we really are. If you haven’t understood this yet, keep reading; if you have, keep reading anyway.

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