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Autore: Leonardo Anfolsi Reiyo Ekai
Editore: Fontana Editore
Categoria: CORPO, MENTE E SPIRITO / Meditazione
Isbn: 9788898750511
Pubblicazione: 03/10/2018

When one learns to be calm and tranquil, without turbulence, the ancestral energy adapts itself spontaneously, producing an all-pervasive and unbroken qi energy. If I hold this energy within me, how can I possibly fall ill? The point is to keep this energy-qi inside us, pervading and providing support to the whole body so that between the 360 points and the 84,000 pores, not even a hairsbreadth lacks it. Know that this is the secret to preserving life.”- Hakuin zenji While we have invented technological prostheses external ourselves, thanks to the current materialist mentality, Zen Naikan encourages us to become our own internal source of passion, strength, awareness and freedom. The word naikan was used by Master Hakuin Ekaku only three centuries ago to define expressly a method of cultivating energy associated with a new concept of dynamic meditation practice, suited both to laymen leading a life active in society as well as to practicing monks. Zen Naikan brings to those who practice it harmonious well-being, continuous joy, and the most solid aid to healing, encouraging the highest form of spiritual realization. Zen Naikan is a gift of the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism, from the monks and laymen dedicated to developing spiritual, mental, and physical strength.

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