Arab Archery

Arab Archery

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Autore: Nabih Amin Faris,Robert Potter Elmer
Editore: David De Angelis
Categoria: SPORT E SVAGO / Tiro con l'Arco
Isbn: 9788834141229
Pubblicazione: 24/06/2019

Almost the only source of detailed knowledge of early English archery is Toxophilus, or the Schole of Shootynge, which was written by Roger Ascham in 1542 and 1543 and was published in 1544. Arab Archery is nearly contemporary with that famous book-probably preceding it by a few years-and may be considered to be on an equal plane of merit. This ancient Arabic manuscript is the only treatise on the archery of the medieval Orient that has been translated into English. It is thorough and authoritative, evidently the work of an expert bowman. A vast amount of information concerning the long-range artillery, by which one eastern empire after another had been won, is here brought forth into full light after having lain hidden for centuries.

It could be used as a textbook on archery today.

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