Lasagna - Easy recipes from Italy

Lasagna - Easy recipes from Italy

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Autore: Rosalba De Carlo
Editore: POMORosso Books
Lingua: Inglese
Isbn: 9788827557068
Pubblicazione: 29/01/2018
Traditional Italian cuisine has its roots where the Mediterranean diet finds its origins. This book takes readers on a visual journey of discovery with more than 130 images, guiding those with even little expertise to create real Italian lasagna. The expert chef Rosalba De Carlo guides readers with her experience and knowledge through the preparation of traditional lasagna, 15 delicious recipes to learn how to cook the real Italian one.
The dishes are an explosion of fragrances and flavours with deep roots in the history of the various areas from which they derive. The recipes are made from simple, healthy ingredients which were in the past part of everyday life but are used today to create sophisticated and flavoursome dishes.

This book is improved with the sold separately Rosalba De Carlo’s easy booklet dedicated to an extensive explanation of how to prepare fresh, homemade pasta for those who may take delight in boasting to guests on special occasions: “I made this pasta myself, with my own hands”. A visual journey from the flour to the pasta sheets, thanks to more than 40 images. This second book concludes with recipes for white sauce and tomato sauce, which appear in the list of ingredients for the Lasagna cookbook as a pre-prepared product.

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