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Autore: Sloniger
Editore: Edizioni Savine
Categoria: TECNOLOGIA E INGEGNERIA / Automobilistico
Isbn: 9788899914271
Pubblicazione: 19/09/2017

ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION (1961): “ …The rampant lion of Peugeot is really no newcomer to America.
Modern Peugeot fans tend to date their pleasure from a March day in 1958, when the New York Motor Show opened its doors. A key display, to their way of thinking, was that of Peugeot; these were the first of the renowned 403 models to reach American hands on regular shipment from the French factory.
But those “pioneer” buyers who thought themselves the first to recognize a worthy newcomer back in 1958 shouldn’t take their bows too soon. That year was really Act II in the tale of Peugeot In America. The initial new world conquests carry much earlier datelines.
The lion’s first invasion dates clear back to 1913, when the Peugeot name was suddenly emblazoned in American motor sports headlines by a French race driver named Jules Goux….
…. If you want a symbol for Peugeot, apart from that golden lion, try a family tree. Both the management and the product draw their special qualities from an unbroken lineage rooted in an era that never even heard of the automobile…”

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