A POWER PRIMER - An Introduction to the Internal Combustion Engine

A POWER PRIMER - An Introduction to the Internal Combustion Engine

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Autore: Public Relations Staff GENERAL MOTORS
Editore: Edizioni Savine
Lingua: Inglese
Isbn: 9788899914257
Pubblicazione: 11/09/2017

“ … This might be called a "sketch book of engines." Pictures have been substituted for words wherever possible, and the technical language has been held to a minimum. Most people today have at least a nodding acquaintance with the internal combustion engine. To the great majority it is what makes an automobile go. But to others it may be the motive power for a tractor or truck, a cruiser or a tug-boat, a fighter plane or a transport. It may furnish power and light to an isolated farm, to a saw-mill in the woods, or to an entire city. For today the internal combustion engine has invaded all fields, from the bottom of the ocean to the limits of the heavens.
We will demonstrate that they all are based on three things AIR, FUEL and IGNITION. We need those three things to make any internal combustion engine run. We have rather arbitrarily classified them in three groups: automobile, aircraft, and Diesel…”
(1955 - Public Relations Staff GENERAL MOTORS)

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