The Bugatti Story

The Bugatti Story

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Autore: William Boddy
Editore: Edizioni Savine
Categoria: TECNOLOGIA E INGEGNERIA / Design Industriale / Generale
Lingua: Inglese
Isbn: 9788899914134
Pubblicazione: 28/08/2017

“… Ettore Bugatti was by common consent one of the most brilliant designers ever to work in the automotive field. He produced a greater range of models than any other single designer ever has done: racing machines, sports cars and limousines, automobiles of all sizes …
… The Bugatti was probably the most sought-after and admired pre-World War II car existing, the world over…
… Ettore Bugatti mad inventor or mechanical genius ? Viewed from the point of view of his car designs and productions, he was certainly a mechanical genius …” (1960 - W. Boddy)
In this new digital edition, have been included links to the original Bugatti patents (complete documentation).
The contents of the ebook also relate the victories, the types of cars, family albums, and everything about the Bugatti story.

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