Mind Me

Mind Me

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Autore: Elisabetta Marinelli
Editore: Fontana Editore
Categoria: CORPO, MENTE E SPIRITO / Ispirazione e Crescita Personale
Lingua: Inglese
Isbn: 9788898750566
Pubblicazione: 11/12/2018

One voyage, a thousand emotions, so much listening, to oneself, to others, to the world… If life is what happens while you are busy doing something else, Mind Me® is for you. A place to explore spaces, dimensions and personal moments to share with whomever you like: live it, feel it, write it, draw it, photograph it… Jump with both feet into the world of Mind Me®! You will discover that time and space open into wondrous universes. Leave a trail: you will find yourself again in the past, in the present, and - one day - in the future.You are here, and now… Mind Me® is a game, but not only a game…
(Handle with care. Follow instructions carefully.)
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