Hypnotism for Professionals

Hypnotism for Professionals

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Autore: Konradi
Editore: David De Angelis
Categoria: PSICOLOGIA / Ipnotismo
Isbn: 9788834139080
Pubblicazione: 17/06/2019


by way of introduction
The state of trance
Some are more suggestible
Asleep, or not asleep?
The cataleptic test
The reluctant subject
No rude awakening
Illusions, unlimited
Memory lane
After the trance is over
For experts only
Induction among friends
Establishing rapport
The light trance
The doubting subject
Removing the doubt
The overanxious subject
A young subject
An aid to education
The deep trance
Detective work
Assorted helpful hints
On stage
The opening speech
The audience is with you
The invisible cord
The critical point
The chosen few
Confidence and control
Effective performance
Ending the show
If MESMER could have known!
from cult to craft
Scorn's end
Hypnotism today
. . . and tomorrow
Glossary of terms as used in works on hypnotism
Selected Bibliography

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