A Fortune to share

A Fortune to share

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Autore: Vash
Editore: David De Angelis
Categoria: AUTO-AIUTO / Motivazionale e Ispirazionale
Isbn: 9788834132104
Pubblicazione: 06/06/2019

SOME years ago, a young man going about his business selling advertising space in one of our best magazines received a vision that changed everything about him except his name. He saw himself and his fellow men in a perspective so different that it gave him new power. He left the work he had and entered a new field where his conception of what he could do for others found remarkable outlet and scope. Here he prospered amazingly. His own account of the ways in which his new philosophy worked has a fascination which few stories of human success can equal.
There is nothing so practical as idealism. Vash Young has lived his ideal, and what is more, has written this moving account of his career, giving chapter and verse for each successive experience, to show how he did it.
Here is the cure for our economic ills. There has never been a time in our industrial history when right thinking was so badly needed. This little book should find its way into the hands and minds of the whole army of unemployed and unsatisfied. The only way to reorganize the world is for each of us to reorganize himself. is what Vash Young did, and immediately he found himself living and working in a very different world.
If people find out what is in this book; its sales will be enormous. Every company employing salesmen should put a copy in the hands of each.

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