Lessons in Artistic Deep Breathing for Strengthening the Voice

Lessons in Artistic Deep Breathing for Strengthening the Voice

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Autore: Edmund Shaftesbury
Editore: David De Angelis
Lingua: Inglese
Isbn: 9788834125830
Pubblicazione: 04/06/2019

CHAPTER I.—Observations. This Chapter is devoted to a full description of the theory of Deep Breathing

CHAPTER II.— Explanations. All the technical terms, commonly used In teaching Deep Breathing, are fully explained, and all descriptions are rendered simple and easy. These explanations will enable any person to understand the subject thoroughly

CHAPTER III.—Rules for Guidance in Exercising. There are seven Rules in this Chapter, which, if kept constantly In mind, will render errors impossible

CHAPTER IV.—General Exercises arranged for pupils who are in fairly good health.

CHAPTER V. Calisthenic Drill in Deep Breathing. For use in schools, colleges, academies, or universities, when the pupils are of any age exceeding fourteen years

CHAPTER VI. Calisthenic Drill In Deep Breathing for children;

CHAPTER VII. Exercises for persons of weak lungs, or those who are in ill-health

CHAPTER VIII Exercises for Invalids who are very weak

CHAPTER IX. Exercises designed merely for developing the strength and muscular flexibility of the body, and for enlarging the chest

CHAPTER X. Special Cases.

CHAPTER XI. - Thorough drill. The method of self-training in artistic deep breathing.

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