The Lotus Sutra: Saddharma-Pundarika

The Lotus Sutra: Saddharma-Pundarika

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Autore: H. Kern
Editore: David De Angelis
Lingua: Inglese
Isbn: 9788834124789
Pubblicazione: 05/06/2019
The Lotus Sutra is considered the greatest of all Buddhist scriptures. It interprets the person of Buddha as a manifestation of metaphysical entity and synthesizes the two aspect of his being: his incarnation in human life and his real ontological identity. It teaches salvation for all creatures, reducing the Three Vehicles to One Vehicle, on the principle of "One is all and All is One." We know nothing of its authorship or its place of origin, but its first translation into Chinese is dated c. 255 A-D.

This sutra is known for its extensive instruction on the concept and usage of skillful means – (Sanskrit: upaya, Japanese: hoben), the seventh paramita or perfection of a Bodhisattva – mostly in the form of parables. It is also one of the first sutras to use the term Mahayana, or "Great Vehicle", Buddhism. Another concept introduced by the Lotus Sutra is the idea that the Buddha is an eternal entity, who achieved nirvana eons ago, but willingly chose to remain in the cycle of rebirth (samsara) to help teach beings the Dharma time and again. He reveals himself as the "father" of all beings and evinces the loving care of just such a father.

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