Autobiography of Sunyogi

Autobiography of Sunyogi

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Autore: Sunyogi Umasankar
Editore: Ali Ribelli Edizioni
Lingua: Inglese
Isbn: 9788829548958
Pubblicazione: 13/11/2018

In Autobiography of Sunyogi, the leading guru on Sunyoga guides readers through his extraordinary life-journey, recollecting people and events that have shaped his path in the material and spiritual world.

A book full of spiritual developments and insights into the ills and cures of our ego-driven society, filled with Sunyogi’s own reflections on yoga and mindfulness developed throughout his life resulting in the technique of Sunyoga and his unique concept of bringing universal peace to the world.

Reading this book will fully immerse you in his experiences: one moment you will be side-by-side with Sunyogi on a six-year walk across India, the next you will be with him during his stay on the snow-covered peaks of the Himalaya, and a moment later you will see him face brutal and harsh police treatment in an underground prison in Iran. Ever the yogi, ever the peaceful saint.

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