Historia Langobardorum

Historia Langobardorum

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Autore: Paulus
Editore: GBL Grande Biblioteca Latina
Categoria: STORIA / Medievale
Isbn: 9788828319153
Pubblicazione: 07/05/2018

A nice book tells us the two centuries of the Lombard kingdom from a point of view other than the papal Franco. 
It also contains the Origo and the Chronicon of Andrea from Bergamo.
This ebook has the only purpose God to make the Latin text of Paolo Deacon easily usable.
The book contains a brief preface divided into thematic sections: this follows the Origo Gents Langobardorum, divided into seven paragraphs and contains the legend of the name. This follows the Historia Langobardorum of Paulus Diaconus. After the six books of Paolus, is the Chronicon of Andrea from Bergamo composed of nineteen sections that complete the story of the Historia.

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