The Miser

The Miser

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Autore: Molière
Editore: Simone Vannini
Categoria: DRAMMATICO / Europeo Continentale
Lingua: Inglese
Isbn: 9788826404653
Pubblicazione: 29/06/2017

This play was acted for the first time on September 9, 1668. In it, Molière has borrowed from Plautus, and has imitated several other authors, but he far surpasses them in the treatment of his subject. The picture of the miser, in whom love of money takes the place of all natural affections, who not only withdraws from family intercourse, but considers his children as natural enemies, is finely drawn, and renders Molière's Miser altogether more dramatic and moral than those of his predecessors.
Molière acted the part of Harpagon.

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