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Autore: Ivano Bersini
Categoria: POESIA / Generale
Lingua: Italiano
Isbn: 9788822895622
Pubblicazione: 02/05/2017

Lilith is the necessary desire running against the tide to find the truth hidden in the appearances of things. Entanglement, a matriarchal society, an awareness that we do not need to identify ourselves with our physical forms but are part of the Universal Creative Spirit, a feeling that history may have been intentionally falsified somehow for unsettling reasons unknown to us, all are part of the inspiration for this collection. Lilith, this ancient name, is also an homage to Woman because, with her energy, she should be respected and reassessed by contemporary society, as she was in the time described by Alessandra Comneno in Custode del Fuoco Sacro [Keeper of the Sacred Flame] – Shamanism and female energy, The Medicine Women (Anima Edizioni, Anima vol. I, September 2015). I am also thinking, however, of the inspiration provided in Natural Magic [Robert Hale Ltd., 1999] by Doreen Valiente, a special person who shows us that Love is the union of the auras belonging to two people so in synch with each other that they can work magic, making their dreams reality through sexual energy. Thus, we should realize that there is nothing sacred about sex when it has been made commercial, impoverished and insulted by today’s communications. I believe, too, that I definitely must mention key authors Janet and Stuart Farrar of The Witches’ Goddess [Robert Hale Ltd., 1995] for their meticulous and illuminating historical reconstruction of the evolution of the cult of the Goddess…

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