The other face of god

The other face of god

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Editore: Flavio Marcello Troiso
Lingua: Italiano
Isbn: 9786050492187
Pubblicazione: 27/06/2019

It's the second book of “Amber's World”, but it can be read as a stand alone novel.
“When was the last time we have walked with the Gods?”
Humankind is doomed to extinction by a plague that has swept away all certainties and religious dogmas. New intelligent species, mysteriously appeared on Earth, have been welcomed with diffidence and hostility and accused of being the cause of humanity's fate. A doomsday scenario...unless scientist Amber Matthews (now old, but still stubbornly searching for a solution) and her troubled family succeed, through a series of chain “coincidences” in unveiling the truth and offer a new chance to the human race.
So, will it really be the end of man, Earth's maximum predator?

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Formato BN Carta Bianca 148x210 - Copertina lucida
Peso 334 gr.

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