The Myth of Hastinapur

The Myth of Hastinapur

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Autore: Rahul Rai
Editore: LogiPub Services
Lingua: Inglese
Isbn: 9781643167183
Pubblicazione: 23/04/2018
Mahabharata, one of the greatest epics in the history of civilization, from multiple vantages:

* The inevitability of Kurukshetra war
* Kunti’s death and Lakshagraha
* The sacrifice of Bheema’s wife Hidimba
* The perspective of foot soldiers and dasis
* Krishna’s life experiences and their relation to his utterance of Geeta
* Shalya, the uncle of Nakul and Sahadeva, siding with the Kauravas
* The rage of Rudravatar Ashwatthama

and many others...

…This book is a tribute to Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa, the original one. This is just an interpretation of what he had created. This is just a footnote in the rich history of our civilization which is full of stories that continue to cast magic upon us.
This is Mahabharata.

About the Book

...Refreshingly different because it examines from multiple perspectives the motivations, obligations, dilemmas and feelings of characters as they are drawn into this internecine war
- Ashok Soota

A lot of grey than black and white…Heroes falter and villains triumph…one of the most insightful recollection of the past
- A.S. Singh
Ex-Member Secretary
Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR)

Mahabharata is such a great narrative…recreating it with a contemporary façade is a huge challenge…The Myth of Hastinapur faces this challenge wonderfully well and turns it into a great reading
- V.N. Rai
Eminent Author & Columnist (Hindustan)
Retired IPS & Ex-Vice Chancellor

A compelling story, imaginatively told
- Sujit Bhattacharyya
Co-founder and COO, CL Educate Ltd. (parent company of 'Career Launcher')
IIT-IIM Alumnus

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