The Double Door

The Double Door

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Autore: Keogh, Theodora
Editore: Olympia Press
Categoria: FICTION / Letterario
Lingua: Inglese
Isbn: 9781596545663
Pubblicazione: 20/06/2017


Candy de Tudelos, the lovely young daughter of a degenerate,
self-styled Spanish aristocrat was cloistered from the
realities of the world by her lonely existence in an imposing
New York mansion. One day she ventured into the sinister
house next-door, which her father had peopled with a corrupt
and decadent group of associates. There she met an
earthy young laborer, and in a brief and bitter love affair
learned the meaning of the ugly secrets which had poisoned
her life.

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Formato BN Carta Bianca 5" x 8" - Copertina lucida
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