Black No More

Black No More

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Autore: George Schuyler
Editore: Olympia Press
Categoria: FICTION / Satira*
Lingua: Inglese
Isbn: 9781596545656
Pubblicazione: 20/06/2017

What would happen to the race problem in America if black people turned white? Would everybody be happy? These questions and more are answered in George Schuyler's satiric romp. This is the story of Max Disher, a black rogue of an insurance man who, through a scientific transformation process, becomes Mathew Fisher, a white man. Matt dreams up a scam that allows him to become the leader of the White Knights of Nordica, and marry the Caucasian gal who rejected him before his change.

Pagine 199
Formato BN Carta Bianca 5" x 8" - Copertina lucida
Peso 220 gr.

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