Journey To Centricity

Journey To Centricity

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Autore: Ilenia Vidili
Editore: The Smarter Crew House
Lingua: Inglese
Isbn: 9791220871594
Pubblicazione: 02/12/2021
Managers and leaders know that customer centricity means providing positive customer experiences. But what if that’s not enough?

In the current age, where Millennials and Generation Z are shaping the very fabric of society and business, to remain relevant, organisations must provide more than occasional good experiences. 

A narrow focus on short-termism, excessive tech automatisation and outdated product mentalities are a liability to customer centricity. We need businesses that are willing to radically change, embrace a long-term, customer-focussed perspective, and are able to create value for all stakeholders.

In Journey to Centricity, Ilenia Vidili instils a customer-oriented vision from the C-suite beyond, to transform your day-to-day operations and culture through three pillars: 

  • Humanity. Make your brand more human by embracing a higher purpose, an empathic human touch and sustainable corporate responsibility. 

  • Technology. Apply the necessary tools as enablers to ease of use, hyper-personalisation and innovation to improve your customers’ lives.

  • Culture. Invest effort in changing old-style mindsets that improve your culture and fortify your brand, to create a place where employees feel motivated, valued and appreciated. 

Drawing on B2C practical advice from Ilenia’s first-hand interviews with leaders of world-class organisations such as illycaffè, Enel, Polestar, Forrester and Bain & Co, this book lays out a customer-centric framework for thriving in the new era of stakeholder capitalism.

Receive a powerful call to action to combat old paradigms, improve customer focus, create value for all stakeholders and contribute to a sustainable business world. 

There has never been a more critical time for change. 

Transform your mission into a journey to centricity!

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