Bible for Beginners: A Basic Guide for Beginners

Bible for Beginners: A Basic Guide for Beginners

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Autore: Simon Kennard
Categoria: RELIGIONE / Biografia Biblica / Generale
Lingua: Inglese
Isbn: 9788826427614
Pubblicazione: 29/04/2017

Since time immemorial, Bible has been the beacon of hope and peace. This Bible study book gives out a definitive road map to the beginner thus making it as inseparable part of their daily living.
There are 66 books of the Bible which cover the following :

* Who is the author of each book
* The central theme of each book
* Learning and any inspiration from each of the books
* Devotion

You should immerse yourself in stories, prophecies and Gospel of the Bible. Have faith, hope and commitment and follow the message of Jesus Christ. This book is the basic start that you should have before embarking on the journey of Christian life.

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